About Dee Dainty

Custom, Handcrafted Jewelry Designs

I’ve been designing and making jewelry for over 30 years.  It is such a joy to discover new stones, crystals and other materials.  Custom designs are a specialty; so if there is something you have been yearning for or cannot find anywhere else, please contact me & let’s create a design just for you or that special someone in your life!


My hallmark has always been top quality gems, imaginative and distinctive designs and exquisite workmanship. My signature designs revolve around the versatile & unique lariat.  It has so much style flexibility and wearability for a wide variety of fashions from blue jeans to Red Carpet

Quality Gems and Metals

All of my jewelry pieces are handcrafted using quality materials from yellow and white gold to sterling silver.  Each design is unique & the descriptions tell about each piece.  I use the best quality precious & semi-precious gemstones to complement my unique designs, creating a sublime quality of workmanship that is a joy to wear!

I am happy to create special fashion designs; and do this especially for weddings & bridal parties, making a special design trademark for the bride’s special day!  Please don’t hesitate to contact me for your own unique collection.

Love semi-precious jewels?

Of course I’m not just limited to stone jewelry but stone does make unique pieces of jewelry. Most of the stones I work with are fabulous with a polished luster and smooth surface. Semi-precious stones have a fascinating, unique qualities, patterns and textures all their own. Depending on what minerals are in the stone will give you one of a kind banding and veins of all different ranges of color. You will almost never see two stones alike. Each have their own personality! Stone comes in all colors so if you see a pattern you like but would like a different color for the same price, please contact me.

Other products I use are lead-compliant metal, freshwater pearls of all shapes & colors, crystals, glass and other materials to make your jewelry one of a kind for you.

Swarovski Crystal

Swarovski is a special passion of mine. We can design, style and create virtually anything you might have in mind – usually for a better value than what you might find in a department store or “designer” magazine.

I can, also, use any of the following natural stones:

  •     Amber
  •     Crystal Quartz
  •     Hematite
  •     Opal
  •     Rhodochrosite
  •     Sunstones
  •     Smokey Quartz
  •     Druzy
  •     Iolite
  •     Moonstone
  •     Pearl
  •     Rhodonite
  •     Tiger Eye
  •     Jaspers
  •     Garnet
  •     Jade
  •     Malachite
  •     Mother of Pearl
  •     Prehnite
  •     Rose Quartz
  •     Labradorite
  •     Emeralds
  •     Rubies (Burmese, Madagascar, African, Indonesian, Sri Lanka)
  •     Blue Topaz
  •     Citrine
  •     Tanzanite
  •     Peridot
  •     Black Onyx
  •     Amethyst
  •     Many, many more!

Looking for a specific kind of stone ? … just ask …

 dee_dainty@hotmail.com or 616.308.7830